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Juana was a fretful, ailing baby that slowly developed into a sullen and timid child. Cisneros presents senile amnesia, infanta isabel has become republican, and juana is in love. The two experience love at first sight, with the ceremony held immediately. Trailer, sinopsis, fecha del estreno, personajes, director y mas informacion. Roxy a, montera, windsor a producida por constan films, s.

The flashback sequence begins with joanna headed to flanders for a political marriage to philip, a man she has never even seen. After signing up to bmg, the band released 1993s electronauta, produced by daniel melero. Juana was born on november 6, 1479, as the second daughter of queen isabella i of castile and king ferdinand ii of aragon. Queen juana i of castile 14791555 is generally known as joan the mad 1. Modern spain evolved from the union of these two crowns. A comic and sui generis vision of the court of the catholic monarchs.

Joanna was married by arrangement to philip the handsome, archduke of the house of habsburg, on 20 october 1496. Following the deaths of her brother, john, prince of asturias. This movie has been premiered in australian hd theatres in 2001 movies 2001. Joanna 6 november 1479 12 april 1555, known historically as joanna the mad spanish. The film begins with an aged joanna mourning philips passing before flashing back to her youth. She was prone to moodiness and melancholy and preferred solitude. Despite her nickname, juanas madness has often been disputed.

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