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Revelation mar, 2011 the cgi animation and a well thought out plot with character development even into its eighth season, the red vs blue saga continues with. Blue s9 e15 season 9, episode 15 the sarcophagus red vs. Episode 57 from season 3 still remains to be my favourite, just the entire scene involving the reds not being able to decide who gets a seat in the warthog and whos jogging alongside. June 3, 2008 8,404,768 caboose visits the halo reach campaign. Burnie burns born michael justin burns 19730118 january 18, 1973 age 47 rochester, new york, u. The revelation teaser image foreshadows the episode reunion, in which the meta stabs tex in the face, shatters her helmet, and captures her. The track simply titled red vs blue from the revelation soundtrack, played as the reds and wash have their climactic fight against the meta, taking him out once and for all. History of rvb title screens strangerhood rendering errors rooster teeth forum history about our bbcode. Blue, often abbreviated as rvb, is an american comic science fiction web television series created by burnie burns with his production company rooster teeth.

Blue centers on the red and blue teams, two groups of soldiers engaged in a civil war. Episode 1 escape from camp campbell rooster teeth duration. As former alliances are betrayed and friends become enemies, the reds and blues find themselves in an impossible predicament. In the distant future, two groups of soldiers battle for control of the least desirable piece of real estate in the known universe. He is voiced by matt hullum, cocreator of the series, and first appeared at the end of episode 1. Blue fan is welcome to contribute by editing or creating articles.

Blue returns for the most hilarious and eyepopping season to date. The season is a direct followup to season 12, in which the reds and blues, the new republic and the federal army of chorus join forces to go to war against chairman malcolm hargrove and his space pirates. Agent washington and the meta have teamed up to find the missing epsilon ai, caboose and epsilon explore an old freelancer base in search of a familiar frenemy, and the reds work to get the blues back into commands database so they can. The story centers on two opposing teams of soldiers fighting a civil war in the middle of a desolate box canyon blood gulch in a parody of firstperson shooter fps games, military life, and science fiction films.

Season 12 2 hours and 42 minutes movie 2014 tucker leads his half of the reds and blues, allied to the new republic of chorus to rescue the other captive reds and blues. Blue, often abbreviated as rvb, is a comic science fiction video web series created by rooster teeth productions and distributed through the internet and on dvd. Blue is a sciencefiction comedy web television series created by burnie burns and produced by rooster teeth. Each team occupies a small base in a box canyon known as blood gulch. Episode 18 is technically at the end of season 12 i think. Just look at early season 1 at the official site and be amazed at how far this show has really come. The reds and blues take on meta in their ultimate battle.

It will air on august, 2017, for first members and august 20, 2017, for the general public. Episode 14 is unknown, probably after bg due to halo 3 but doesnt really mean much considering the funhaus ones were also halo 3. Loco informs temple that the machine has begun operating, much to temples elation before surge arrives to inform him that the reds and blues have infiltrated the base. Colonel sarge matt hullum is the leader of the red team on blood gulch. At red base, grif returns and reports to sarge that the blues arent planning anything, and that simmons has decided to stay with the blues. Blue article, enter the page title in the box below. It is a followup to recreation and wraps up all of the events started in reconstruction and continued in recreation. Season 8 episode 20 the final installment of revelation. The show was inspired by the military sciencefiction firstperson shooter series halo. It was first announced with a trailer, originally debuting at pax east 2011, and online march 28, 2011 thereafter.

Red vs blue the strangerhood panics 1800 magic supreme surrender rooster teeth productions red vs blue the strangerhood panics 1800 magic supreme surrender captain dynamic f. Although both teams generally dislike each other and have standing orders to defeat their. He has a southern accent, and has a military background and briefly joined the odsts. With a unique combination of machinima from the blockbuster video game halo, and stunning new animated sequences, this is red vs. It is the first season of the series to follow two apparently separate storylines. Blue s seventh anniversary, and the finale aired on september, 2010, just one day before the release of halo. Blue prefigured and helped build the media landscape in which it now existsand yet it exists now as a living relic, beloved by its fans even as everyone else has moved on to other forms. Presented in an awardshow format, this is the best red vs. Red vs blue s8 tex fights reds and blues in awesome action sequence. In the distant future, two groups of soldiers battle for control of the least desirable piece of real estate in the known univers. Revelation season 8 all 20 episodes azzurro stardust red vs. Sarge is somewhat bloodthirsty, and the only blood gulch soldier on either team to actually be serious about war. Red vs blue revelation episode 10 the one with tex. Season 14 is a machinimaanimationlive action web series created by rooster teeth productions.

I very much recommend this and all the other episodes of red vs blue. Season 8 episode 1820 reaction a good memory duration. Now you can catch up on all the laughoutloud videos that your friends with computers have been telling you about for the last ten years. Seasons 68 give conclusion to the comedy of red team and blue team by throwing in action, adventure and a multitude of settings. While already sounding awesome as it is, the songs lyrics really highlight the series theme of greyand.

That s why we ve compiled all of the best of red vs. The autotuned asides may not be to everyones taste, but theres no denying the rest is a great heavy metal track. Who would of thought a simple internet show called red vs blue would become such a big hit. Revelation is a machinimaanimated web series created by rooster teeth productions. A teaser image of the season was released by miles luna. This is the first season of the series to be an anthology, presenting a collection of short stories focused on various characters, factions, and events, rather than an episodic storyline. Red vs blue season 10 episode 2022 reaction dont say goodbye duration. Alma mater university of texas, austin ba occupation executive producer at rooster teeth years active 1997present spouses jordan burns m. Season 9 is a machinimaanimated web series created by rooster teeth productions. Sarge, upon hearing the news, believes that the blues have betrayed them, captured simmons, and that the red vs. Blue into this handy, portable and extraordinarily convenient dvd. Season 6 episode 803 if i had known fighting terrorists was mostly solving puzzles and riding mine carts, i wouldve joined up after 911 instead of spending the 2000s frosting my tips and watching reba.

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